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In addition to the above staff, the team of TE includes technicians and workers of all trades related to the construction industry, trading of building materials and equipments and the supply and installation of specialized laboratories. This whole team works in a welded family spirit.
Joseph Stephan
Founder of Technical Enterprises Company
The engineer Joseph Stephan continues to provide the company with his tremendous experience in different fields.
Laurent Stephan
Manager and Partner
The civil engineer and MBA holder Laurent Stephan brings a new spirit and modern concepts of management to the company. Read more
André Stephan
The architectural civil engineer and PhD holder André Stephan gives a cutting-edge insight into energy saving measures and renewable energy use. Read more
Hilda Chami Stephan
Human Resources and Partner
Hilda Chami Stephan looks after the well-being of the social life within the company and resolves all kinds of problems that may occur.
Carole Stephan
Project Manager for EuropeAid projects (Project-based)
Carole Stephan manages the development, planning, execution and monitoring and evaluation of various EU-funded projects on a project basis. She also provides expertise in OH&S and ergonomics. Read more
André Stephan
Executive secretary
Sandra Nader keeps a perfect record of all files and events.
André Stephan
Senior site manager
Abdo Dargham with his 30 years of experience within the company, coordinates the work between the different technicians and workers.
André Stephan
Georges Hourani ensures that quality specifications and planning deadlines are met on site.
André Stephan
Joseph Eid looks after the legal aspect of all contracts and advises the managers on various issues.
André Stephan
Georges Saadé looks after the legal aspect of all contracts and advises the managers on various issues.
André Stephan
Simon Dargham keeps record of all accounts and settles all taxes and dues to third parties.
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