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Our history and Goal
Our Real Estate and Construction business is focused on residential buildings located mainly in the Kesrwan Mount Lebanon region. Since 1985, we have completed more than 25 projects in the area. Our objective is to provide modern, functional and energy efficient apartments at prime locations. From design to execution, we strive to achieve the highest quality standards and offer our clients the highest satisfaction.

Our Laboratories and Building Equipments business specializes in the sales, installation and maintenance of top quality equipments. Whether alone, or in a joint venture with the French company EMEX (for projects funded by the European Commission), we have equipped many specialized laboratories. Electrical labs, petroleum analysis facilities, water and air quality testing equipments, concrete, steel and ceramic tiles testing for civil engineering labs, are some examples of the projects we have carried out at, among others, the Industrial Research Institute, the American University of Beirut, the Lebanese Atomic Energy Commission, the American University of Sciences and Technologies, the ministry of economy and the department of water supply in Lebanon.

Building on our expertise in residential developments, we have acquired a large portfolio of top quality building-related systems that we are currently marketing under our own brand “AZUR”. Gas boilers, gas water heaters, air conditioners, UPS’s and doors are but a part of the various products we handle.

In addition to the above, Technical Enterprises Co. specialises in providing waste treatment plants, notably for municipal solid waste. These plants focus on material recovery through sorting and recycling, contributing to a more circular economy. The adopted waste processing system can produce either (1) a high-grade fertilizer from organic waste; (2) gas, fuel and black carbon from pyrolysis; or (3) electricity from refuse derived fuel (RDF); depending on the needs of the client. The company provides both consulting services and full plant procurement and construction.
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