Real Estate Development

Since the 1980s, Technical Enterprises Company started developing its own residential projects in the then newly emerging area of Adonis, Zouk Mosbeh. With the on-going situation in Lebanon at that time, we had completely relocated our offices and business to that area. Through the years, and the many projects we realised, we have developed an intimate knowledge of the region and firmly established ourselves in the local market.

It was thus only natural that the company expansion in this line of business in the years 2000s started from there and spread to the wider Keserwan and Mount Lebanon regions. Since 2005, we have developed 7 new, fully owned projects in the region for a total of 9 buildings comprising 84 residential units. Our standards underpinning all these projects are functionality, environmental performance and quality.

An exhaustive list of all these projects is given below with all the details about each building: location, drawings, specifications, and photos/renders.

No. of Projects
No. of Apartments
Built Area
Square Meters

ProjectLocationPreviewDate of construction# buildings# apartmentsFloor AreaDownload
Les ChênesAjaltoun 1968

2011-2014214150-400 m²
L'AcaciaBallouneh 721

2011-201418170 m²
Les OliviersZouk Mosbeh 134

2012-2014218170 m²
Le PlataneZouk Mosbeh 2260

2010-201111660-140 m²
L'EucalyptusBallouneh 1628

2008-201018160-300 m²
Le PeuplierSheileh 818

2008-201018160-220 m²
Le LaurierZouk Mosbeh 2261

2005-2007112200 m²N/A


Design and Construction

In addition to our Real Estate Development activities, we also design and/or construct projects for a broad range of clients. A summary of our recent activities in this area is provided in the table below.

Project LocationDateDescription
Beit Mery 420On-goingArchitectural and structural design of a six-storey residential building
Kfertay 692016-2019Design and construction of a 1,100 m², 5-story villa with extensive landscaping
Bhamdoun Al Dayaa 26132018-2019Renovation of a 400 m² duplex and its surrounding garden
Hamra 24662018-2019Renovation of a 200 m² roof
Ghbele 6762015Architectural and structural design of a duplex
Ehmej 15612012-2013Architectural and structural design of a triplex
Tripoli 1262012Structural design of a ten-storey residential building
Adma 8702010-2011Architectural and structural design of a four-storey residential building
Baghdad 861782010Architectural and structural design of a five-storey residential building